2023 Women’s Bowl

There was a great gathering of clubs from around the district today (Friday 3rd March) at Welshpool Golf Club for the SGGI Bowl. The dry weather that is currently upon us contributed to the ‘run’ found around the fairways – the course was in great condition and certainly commanded respect particularly around the greens.

The winners of the SGGI bowl Teams Aggregate with a fabulous 106 points were the Meeniyan 2 team of Sue Hoskin (27) 38pts, Jo Graeme (28) 33pts and Heather McCaughan (45) 35pts.

Bowl winners

In the grade events winners were:
A Grade: Jeanette Diss (Phillip Island) (20) 37pts,
B Grade: Sue Hoskin (Meeniyan) (27) 38 pts on a c/back from Maxine Eabry
C Grade: Dot Stait (Welshpool) (37) 36pts.

Balls down the line went to: 38pts Maxine Eabry (27) (Leongatha); 35pts Faye Le Page (25) (Meeniyan), Rachel Brown (20) (Welshpool), Nicole Whiteside (43) (Leongatha): 34pts Kaylene Morris (27) (Foster), Karen Barwick (30) (Welshpool); 33pts Trish Owen (21) (Leongatha), Marg Johnson (14) (Wonthaggi), Dawn Andrews (17) (Phillip Island); 32pts Bev Bridge (33) (Woorayl). Nearest the pins went to 3rd Marg Johnson (Wonthaggi), 6th Jo Graeme (Meeniyan), 15th Beth Curram (Foster).

Bowl grade winners